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  • I was told today that I didn't seem like a "black coffee" drinker. While every once in awhile, I will indulge in the nonfat vanilla latte or such, I drink my coffee strong and unaltered. Ideally I am an espresso girl at heart. But I guess my recent love of the color pink, and the corresponding pink shirts that I tend to wear, make me seem more of the "fufu" girl coffee drinker.

    My love of the color pink has been something that has grown on me relatively recent, since as a child I hated pink. My older sister and I are less than a year apart in age, and she was dressed in pink, and I was either in blue or yellow. So blue for the longest time was my favorite color. Maybe it was the clothes I was dressed in as a child that made me into a bit of tomboy? I'd much prefer to run a mile than thread a needle - I never took home economics in high school. But by the same token, I much preferred to read a book on family camping trips than thread a worm on a fishing hook. So I guess I'm just a nice blend of tomboy and fufu girl traits. :-)

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